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Double-Lantos Mini

Double-Lantos MiniDouble-Lantos MiniDouble-Lantos Mini
While wearing a Double-Lantos Mini the vertical connection with the Divine Primary Source and Mother Earth is strengthend. As a direct result, it enhances the vibration frequency of the user and a Light protection field is formed. This field harmonizes electrosmog*, geopathic interference fields such as water veins, earthfields etc., as well as all the Chakras.
Consequently, the user of the Double-Lantos Mini comes in its center and also in its power.
Each piece is unique and hand made.
* All devices radiating negative interference fields in close proximity, i.e. mobile phone etc., should be harmonized additionally and separately.
Please note: The personal sensitiveness of the user is crucial for the choice of the product. Our counselors are happy to help you.
Availability This product is deliverable within 2-6 weeks   (This product is deliverable within 2-6 weeks)
Technology FOSTAC® Tachyons and BioPhoenix®
Colours Crystal
Material/type Zirconia (imitation diamond, mounted in 925 sterling silver)
Size 25 x 12 mm
Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs EUR 180.-
Information Electrosmog / Studies
Movies FOSTAC® Explanatory Movie
Subject to change without notice  

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