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Elixir of Archangels 100ml

Elixir of Archangels 100mlElixir of Archangels 100ml
Through the application of the ELIXIER OF ARCHANGELS we can experience how infinitely loved we are by the highest messengers of God, the Archangels.
We are being carried by their all-embracing love. Everything on the outside loses importance and we become aware again of what we have come to in this life. The certainty that we are never separated from the Divine (neither in the past nor in the future) becomes self-evident.
This elixir acts on us like a light shower flooded with crystalline light. The heart chakra is immediately activated and expands more and more. A state of absolute peace and oneness can be perceived more intensively.
The dosage is tested individually. Our consultants are at your disposal.
Availability This product is immediately deliverable   (This product is immediately deliverable)
Colours -
Material/type 2-times tachyonized water with subtle information
Content 100 ml
Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs EUR 48.-
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