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Power Spot Set TOKODO

Power Spot Set TOKODOPower Spot Set TOKODO
Power Spot Set TOKODO This combination can be used to energize (large) properties and is applied for the healing of persisting negative energies.
Composition / individual products
  • The «TERRA Set» is used to acupuncture the earth in order to provide a harmonious energy field.
  • The «TOKODO Column» is used for earth healing of persisting negative energies.
  • The «HEMISPHERE lilac» brings harmony, peace and reflection among ist corresponding field of influence.

Application on request.
Power Spot Set TOKODO
Please note: The personal sensitiveness of the user is crucial for the choice of the product. Our counselors are happy to help you.
Availability This product is immediately deliverable   (This product is immediately deliverable)
Technology FOSTAC® Tachyons
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Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs CHF 475.- / EUR 475.-
from 01. 07. 2023:   CHF 540.- / EUR 540.-
Information Geomancy
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