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Polytach Plate *NEW*

Polytach PlatePolytach PlatePolytach Plate
The POLYTACH plate was developed for the purposes of electromobility. It creates order on a multi-dimensional level down to the deepest structures and can thus support machines, technical devices etc. in their efficiency and harmonize electrosmog.
For electric and hybrid vehicles, the required number of plates depends on the performance of the electric motors and batteries.
Smaller electric vehicles (e.g., Renault Zoe) usually require two POLYTACH plates. Larger electric vehicles (e.g., Tesla Model S) usually require four POLYTACH plates.
The optimal placement of the plate is preferably tested individually. If this is not possible, we recommend a placement as follows:
  • for smaller electric vehicles in the central part of the interior, one left and one right (for example under the floor mat).
  • for larger electric vehicles, two plates in the boot, one each in the left and the right corner (for example, under the cover) and two plates on the engine block, left and right front corners. If a placement in the engine compartment is not possible, the plates can also be placed in the driver's / passenger's foremost foot area, on the left and on the right side (for example under the floor mat).
Please note: The personal sensitiveness of the user is crucial for the choice of the product. Our counselors are happy to help you.
Availability This product is immediately deliverable   (This product is immediately deliverable)
Technology FOSTAC® Tachyons
Colours Weiss/Gold
Material/type Glass fiber fabric, laminated
Size A4
Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs EUR 207.-
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