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The Prophylax protects domestic animals against parasites and flying insects. It re-activates the chakra and meridian system, which improves flow of chi, balances health and wellbeing.
The Prophylax assists the animal in balancing the negative effects of implanted micro-chips.
It can also be used by humans.
The Prophylax is a special product that works interactively with the psyche of the user. A large-scale experiment showed that these products have a statistically significant effect. There are, however, personal energetic circumstances in which the effect fails to materialize. Should this be the case, please inquire.
Availability This product is immediately deliverable   (This product is immediately deliverable)
Technology FOSTAC® Tachyons
Colours Violet
Material/type Anodized aluminum
Size 23 x 43 mm / Ø 23 mm
Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs EUR 63.-
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Movies FOSTAC® Explanatory Movie
Subject to change without notice  

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