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Creation Trigon

Creation TrigonCreation TrigonCreation Trigon
The Creation Trigon is a pendant with three different functions. The corner where the ribbon is pulled through, will be activated. The flat side has to be set against the skin.
Stimulation: The first angle contains a spiral, which is pivoting in a clockwise manner. If this apex is pointed towards the crown of the head (or else worn), an accelerated growth in a positive direction will result.
Transformation: The second angle contains a spiral turning anti-clockwise. If this apex is put into place or worn, pointing towards the crown of the head, the memory function will become stimulated, and negative aspects will be made conscious and released. The user will discern what is beneficial.
Regeneration: Regeneration: The third angle consists of a combination of the spirals described above. Properly placing or wearing this apex in the direction of the crown of the head will lead to a balancing of energies. Regeneration on all levels will be the result.
The red CREATION TRIGON is therapeutically to be viewed separately.
1st angle – Stimulation:
This angle can be helpful in blood problems such as hyper- or hypotension, or in problems of blood composition (e.g. anaemia).
2nd angle – Transformation:
Helps in cases of poisoning through inhalation or swallowing and reduces the secondary effects of medicines or inoculations.
3rd angle – Regeneration:
To be applied in the treatment of bad dreams. The Creation Trigon is to be placed under the middle of the bed with the third angle pointed towards the head. It should not, however, be employed for preventive purposes.
All nine CREATION TRIGON may be positioned in the form of a circle on the floor. A TRANSMITTER should be placed in the middle, thus forming a centre. When one sits down within this circle, the entire cosmic sphere will be physically present. All the blessings of the celestial spheres will be given to you.
The individial Creation Trigons in colours
1st angle:    Stimulation:Fosters growth and transformation
2nd angle:    Transformation:Angle of abundance, promotes the flow
3rd angle:    Regeneration:Purifies old programmings, releases them
Lemon yellow:
1st angle:    Stimulation:Rejuvenating effect, vitality is restored
2nd angle:    Transformation:Protective function
3rd angle:    Regeneration:Angle of enlightenment
1st angle:    Stimulation:endurance, orientation and the will; auspicious prior to the realization of great plans
2nd angle:    Transformation:Harmonizes restlessness, mental uneasiness and dissatisfaction
3rd angle:    Regeneration:Makes one independent
1st angle:    Stimulation:Fosters the energy flow
2nd angle:    Transformation:Leads to clarity and confidence
3rd angle:    Regeneration: Good for meditation. Imparts courage and strength. Supports surrender
1st angle:    Stimulation: gentleness and good feelings
2nd angle:    Transformation: Brings harmony into the emotional plane
3rd angel:    Regeneration: Helps to be "here and now"
1st angle:    Stimulation:Acts as a «mental scalpel»: helps to remove obstructions from the human path
2nd angle:    Transformation: Releases traumata and shocks of a psychological nature as well as physical pains and injuries
3rd angle:    Regeneration: Fosters a harmonious life and prosperity
1st angle:    Stimulation: Strengthens consciousness and invigorates the body
2nd angle:    Transformation: Helps to protect oneself against outside influences (especially in the event of an extreme sensitivity to the latter)
3rd angle:    Regeneration: Fosters the latent faculties
1st angle:    Stimulation: Helps one to grasp one's personal life plan and then to fulfil it
2nd angle:    Transformation: Supports an understanding both for oneself and for others
3rd angle:    Regeneration: Draws cosmic wisdom into one's life. One's own path becomes clarified
1st angle:    Stimulation: Fosters intellectual and mental development. Releases mental programmings. Good for children
2nd angle:    Transformation: Releases hidden capacities
3rd angle:    Regeneration: Facilitates a ‘braiding» of one's own net of relations. Supports growth
Please note: The personal sensitiveness of the user is crucial for the choice of the product. Our counselors are happy to help you.
Availability This product is immediately deliverable   (This product is immediately deliverable)
Technology BioPhoenix®
Colours 10 Colours:   Red, gold, lemon, fir-green, rose, aquamarine, indigo, violet, lilac, crystal
Material/type Glass
Size Ø 30 mm
Price incl. VAT, excl. shipping costs EUR 79.-
Information Colour theory
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