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BioPhoenix® Products

The Becoming of Creation

BioPhoenix® technology is an ancient Atlantic technology for the provision of light tools. This knowledge was given back to us by the ascended «Master Lantos».

BioPhoenix® products help us human beings with our regeneration, raising of vibrations and with our spiritual development.

BioPhoenix® - the History

BioPhoenix® involves a technology which was in use on the earth already tens of thousands of years ago (at the time of Atlantis). Following the abuse of this and other technologies, this technology has long been lost on earth.

At the moment, the earth has entered a decisive phase of its ascension into the next dimension. The vibration of Mother Earth is steadily increasing due to special astronomical circumstances. Dramatic changes are the result. Nevertheless, millions of people intransigeantly remain in their "sleeping state"; they still wander about almost half-blind through life. This makes it impossible for them to adapt to Mother Earth's development. Owing to the unconscious, negative kind of human thinking, great tensions are produced on earth, resulting in more and more natural catastrophes.

So changing one’s thinking is the need of the hour. For this purpose, among other things, technical aids may also be needed, which help us human beings to focus our orientation upon the light, aid us to become purified and finally enlightened by the light. It is exactly for this purpose that BioPhoenix® products were given to us.
Whosoever wishes to work with spiritual energies must always remain "awake". Energetic products should be adapted to the evolutionary process. Furthermore, each product is influenced by the manufacturer's consciousness. So growth also means change. It has been shown that, from time to time, an impetus towards innovation is required in order to be able to optimally serve the objectives – viz. the promotion of light, love and peace on earth.

Thus, in the Autumn of 2002, we were given the information that the Atlantic technology described above might still be increased in its effect. In December 2002, we were allowed to put into operation a new device for energizing the BioPhoenix® products. The initiation by Master Lantos was a very exalting experience for the entire group participating. The BioPhoenix® products vibrate at a considerably higher level compared to the precursor products.


BioPhoenix® is an ancient Atlantic technology which was given to us through Lantos by the Ascended Masters.

BioPhoenix® works with the natural creative power. In each cell, in each atom, a memory of the creation’s perfection is re-established.

BioPhoenix® technology helps the regeneration, enhancement of vibrations and development of humankind, fostering wholeness and harmony.

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