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FOSTAC® Technology and Tachyon Energy /

The History of Tachyonic Energy

The term "tachyon" derives from the Greek word "tachytis", meaning "speed", "very fast particle". What had been considered skeptically for centuries by many scientists, was to be proved by modern physics in the sixties, when the existence of the tachyon particles was first calculated theoretically. At present, various scientists have even provided clear evidence of this specific energy form travelling at a speed faster than light.

1896 Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor of modern times, mentions the existence of scalar fields. Many of his inventions make use of this energy. Nikola Tesla is considered to be the inventor of the radio, of radar, of alternating current, fluorescent tubes and also of special turbines. More than 700 inventions and patents bear his name!

1920 The physicists Levetzkow, Stanyukovic and Shneiderov take up the subject of gravitational energy, experimentally producing special phenomena for the next 20 years.

1960 Oliver Crane publishes research results according to which mechanical currents and vibrations fill the spaces between matter. Thus, this model does not allow for any empty space.

1967 Gerald Feinberg calculates the existence of tachyons for the very first time.

1986 Dr. Akira Tonomura from Hitachi Advanced Research Laboratory, Tokyo, publishes corresponding research results.

1991 Christian Monstein furnishes proof of the magnetic space quantum flux.

1995 Introduction of the MATERIA TACHYON products in Europe.

1998 Development and production of the ABEIEZ TACHYON- and FOSTAC® products in Switzerland. All products are sold on a worldwide basis.

from 2003 onwards Production and distribution of all products under the FOSTAC® label.

What are Tachyons?

Tachyons are extremely small physical units, which are technically not measurable. They move faster than light and show both a particle and a field behaviour. A tachyon particle is composed of three parts, viz. T+, T- and To (plus, minus and zero). As with all components of matter, they are endowed with consciousness.

It is a known fact in physics that the atom is not the smallest of all particles and that each particle in matter can be directed by thoughts. Therefore, in scientific experiments, one tries to avoid sources of error by means of double-blind studies. It has been shown that the investigator's thoughts alone are so strong that they can influence the experiment, which will then often falsify the result.

A tachyon may be a theoretical particle and yet it does exist. It represents a union of energy and matter which may change its state very rapidly and almost without transition.

What is the Effect of Tachyons?

The tachyons' effectivity consists mainly in their ability to create order out of "chaos" [see sketch]. Disharmonious states become transformed into harmonious ones. In general, it may be said that tachyons cause a sort of balancing. After the balancing, the next higher effect is one of potentialisation. Tachyons serve to remind certain structures (e.g. water) of their primordial order or of their ideal type. As the next higher effect follows the solution. Tachyons confront activated and potentialised structures. Thus, the innate energy potentials are released and set free. For example, tachyons are able to improve the quality of drinking water in such a way that plants, animals and even the human organism react very positively to that stimulus.

How are Tachyon Products Made?

In an apparatus designed according to biophysical laws, extremely high, biologically positive frequencies (EHF = extremely high frequencies) are produced. Since higher frequencies are of higher energy than lower ones, matter (e.g. glass) can be completely penetrated by these frequencies. It is possible to modulate any kind of information onto these frequencies.

The tachyon products are exposed to these high frequencies for a certain period of time. Their inner structure is thereby changed and information may be transferred permanently onto the product. The change of structure and the information imprinted upon it cause each product tachyonised according to our FOSTAC® procedure to act as an antenna for "Free Energy". This bundled energy can be used both in technical and health-related fields.

Range of Applications

  • in situations of health risks due to all kinds of electromagnetic pollution
  • for harmonizing earth rays (water veins, Hartmann Grid, etc.)
  • for enlivening or energizing drinking water and for vitalizing foodstuffs
  • in therapeutic environments: among other things, for harmonizing the chakras, for releasing blockages and for fostering growth processes
  • for reducing the pollution of combustion engines (passenger cars, lorries, oil-burning installations, ship engines, etc.) and for optimizing their performance
  • within the field of Feng Shui
  • within the field of geomantic uses (earth, water and air healing)

The FOSTAC® Label

FOSTAC® is a term designating all tachyonised products by means of which the tachyon energy can be made available in people’s everyday life. If tachyons are used as growth aids for body, mind and soul, they will promote and facilitate the body’s harmonization, the neutralization of incompatible radiation and the raising of different energy levels.

These differ in their effects and possible applications from all other tachyon products. FOSTAC® products contain all three components of life (plus, minus and neutral). Some products available on the market primarily utilize the "minus component", while others use both the "minus" and the "plus component". FOSTAC® products additionally use the "neutral component" of tachyon energy. Thus they behave interactively, respecting the user's free will.

FOSTAC® products are characterized by Celtic, cabalistic and Atlantic aspects of knowledge. They consider the healing aspects of colours as well as those of form. They are "tachyon antennae" building up a concentrated field of tachyons.


FOSTAC® products may help man to recognize his full potential, to bring his future into the present and to clear up his past. This is what is so special and unique about these products. They can be of help with the transmission of information between mind and body in man. With the tachyons' help, one can recognize emotional patterns and thus become able to clear them. FOSTAC® products are aids in supporting the user in his striving for integration and consciousness, and they help him to find his own way.

In all our products, there is contained the creative idea of the Tree of Life. This ancient symbol embodies the different planes and processes of creation. With our products, the interactivity of the creation's components is added.

All our products enable the users to develop their bodies, minds and souls.

Tachyons are a form of "Free Energy", which permanently permeates and envelops us. Yet our bodies have somehow forgotten to use it.

Speaking in technical terms, tachyons are energy units without a mass moving faster than light. On account of their enormous speed, they can cover distances in no time, and, thus, are omnipresent.

FOSTAC® products have no static flow direction. They can interact with their users and are able to optimally harmonize causes.

Manufacture of the Glass Products

In order to harmonize and balance the chakras we mainly use glass materials. All glass products, enhanced by the use of different colour combinations, have an effect upon the individual chakras regulating the flow of energy.

Glass is a very demanding and exacting material. Our products are manufactured by a family enterprise with traditional know-how, which attaches great importance to reliable quality. All glass products are exclusively processed manually. In a first step, the glass which shows a slightly greenish colouring after its melting is given its final colour by the addition of metals. Thus, pure gold is required for the production of magenta- or lilac-coloured glass. In a further step, the glass is drawn out into a rod shape by manual pressing. The shapes that have thus developed, are slowly cooled off, then reheated in a special oven and finally gradually cooled off again in order to remove any tension. Each individual glass product is now checked for any possible overtension. After cooling down, the individual forms are freed from any projecting ridges or edges. Each piece is then polished to put the finishing touches to it. All these processes are carefully done by hand.

Twelve-angled Pyramid

Before the individual products can be used, therefore, they each pass through a number of extremely complex processing stages. Owing to the tachyonisation process they – and with them the users as well – are provided with the additional possibility of using the energy potential on all planes. Apart from their therapeutic applications, our glass products are excellently suited for room harmonization (Feng Shui). So even "difficult cases" such as flats and houses situated near rails, high voltage power lines, radio and television transmitters or mobile phone antennae can be harmonized without any considerable expenditure of material and costs.

Explanation of the term "Vital Force"

The "vital force" present and contained in all beings – be it that of human beings, animals, plants or stones, – functions according to the universal principle of the holy trinity.

Mental/electrical energy contains a complete set of information according to which this energy may then become coagulated into certain life forms: this is matter’s "blueprint". It flows – as long as it is provided with predominantly creative/positive information – in a counterclockwise manner from the cosmos to the geocentre.
Between the two currents of energy, an energetic stress field is created – the so-called interference field, which acts like a hologram. It is for this reason that matter appears to us as being stable (although, in reality, this is not at all the case).

As this vital force is of an electromagnetic nature, it also reacts to a multiplicity of factors appearing on earth, such as:

  • our thoughts and feelings
  • technical factors
  • atmospheric influences
  • the radiation of the stars, etc.

Additional information on this subject may be found in Hans Seelhofer’s book, «Tachyonen und die Schöpfungsgesetze verstehen» ['Tachyons and the Creation Processes' available only in German], where all this is explained quite clearly and simply.




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