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Issues with Electrosmog can be solved

Energy cycles

Human beings and animals depend on an ecological intact environment to live in. A thriving and prosperous Flora and Fauna is important to secure the food sources and the balance of stable oxygen supply. Every aspect in our life is created in cycles and rhythms.

In school we learned about the cycle and rhythms of water. On a physiological level it is well known that human beings and animals (CO2-producer, oxygen user) are living in a symbiotic relationship with the Flora and Fauna (CO2 users, oxygen producer). One needs the other to exist; with out it an imbalance would be created, destroying our living environment.

Although we have limited knowledge about the influence and affect of energy cycles and rhythms on buildings and stables, people know through observation when energy slows down or is stagnant it results in a deterioration of living conditions.

These blockages of energy are mostly a result of human conduct and behaviour. Especially the technological inventions mostly do not follow the «Law of Nature» as these inventions where created at times when the natural flow of energies have not been researched.

The electromagnetic field of planet earth

Leaving aside the religious and spiritual beliefs, we can still see that every living is an energetic life form absorbing energy from the electromagnetic field surrounding the Earth. This field works in concordance with the Law of Nature.

Through research we are aware of the Earths electromagnetic field and its measurement of approximately 200’000 Volt which exists between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. This electric energy consists of an electron stream which continuously supplies us with energy from the ionosphere. The electrons spin in a counter clockwise direction and contain biological information which ensures that life is possible. The electrons have their own spin, moving in a counter clockwise direction.

Through the constant inflow over the line of electric flux, a reaction is formed as a constant magnetic field (vertical magnetic flux) which moves from earth to the ionosphere in its own clockwise direction.

If biological systems are being permeated with electromagnetic energy in accordance to the above mentioned facts, we stay healthy. It is important to mention that the spin of the electrons depend on the information which is contained in the electron. Predominantly biologically positive information leads to the electrons spinning in an anticlockwise direction.

Unfortunately the electromagnetic fields created by technical systems work/operate in exactly the opposite way. The electrons spin in a clock wise manner around their own axis, the magnetic lines of flux rotate in a counter clock wise direction. This is against the "Law of Nature"!

Exactly these described facts are the cause of electro smog.

The body is being permeated in a converse way; instead of development and support degeneration is produced.

What are the causes of Electrosmog?

The most well known causes at the moment are mobile phone antennas. Further sources of interferences that radiate from outside into living spaces (depending on the distance to the building) are transformer stations, short-wave antennas, radar, Radio/TV antennas, power lines, train-, bus and tramlines.

Sources of interferences inside living areas are electrical wiring, electrical appliances, mobile phones, wireless phones and baby monitors. The base station of wireless phones acts like a small mobile phone antenna.

Electrosmog is harmful for human beings and animals

The effects of electrosmog/Electrosmog-symptoms present themselves in humans and animals in their weakest point. Generally known symptoms or effects caused by electromagnetic radiation are:

  • poor/interrupted sleep patterns, fatigue even after adequate sleep
  • Tendency to nervousness and irritation, lack of concentration
  • Tumours, leukaemia
  • Altered blood structure, persistent headaches

Why is UMTS so harmful?

UMTS is a pulsed high-frequency micro-wave radiation. This itself is already alarming for the health even in the smallest quantities of exposure. Hundreds of scientific reports that have been published about this subject speak for themselves.
In addition this technology transmits a high density of data volume, a process which biological systems can’t cope with.
With the technology in the past it was possible to transmit approx. 14 Kilobytes data/second. With UMTS at the present state of the technology (November 2005) it is already possible to transmit 121 megabytes/second. This means depending on the level of development a quantity 200-1500 fold. After completion UMTS is expected to transmit 1 Gigabyte/second. As a result the collapse of biological systems is inevitable/pre-programmed.

Effective and proven solutions

Studying these processes enabled FOSTAC AG in Bichwil to develop a technology which completely harmonizes these interference fields. This is achieved namely by depolarizing the interfering fields. This also results into an integration of interference fields in nature. Where the FOSTAC technology is implemented/applied (already in more than 30’000 buildings) a place of cosmic energy is created on which the natural life force is flowing optimally. Humans and animals react with increased well-being and markedly improved health. Animals also react with or /produce more economic efficiency.

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