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Drinking Water and Food

FOSTAC® Water Vitalization

FOSTAC® is without doubt the market leader in the price-performance ratio for water vitalization. The outstanding technology is already successfully in operation in over 12,000 buildings.

Advantages of FOSTAC® Water Vitalization

  • information contained in harmful substances is harmonized
    = better health
  • water has a silkier, smoother taste
  • greater desire to drink water (no more aversion)
  • More lavish & luscious flowers and improved plant growth
  • easier cleansing (calcium oxide dissolves much more readily)
  • Less calcium oxide build up in coffee machines, dish washers, washing machines, water pipes and water heater
  • cost saving in the purchase of mineral water (becomes unnecessary)
  • no more cumbersome carrying of mineral water (becomes unnecessary)
  • Using the revitalised water for all aspects in your household such as cooking, showering/bathing, brushing your teeth etc.
  • detergent consumption decreases
  • extremely simple mounting in five to ten minutes (no complicated installation)
  • thirty-day return policy

How does the FOSTAC® technology function?

Scientific research also recognizes today that information can be stored in water for a long period of time through the structures in the water (cluster formation of the water molecules). In other words, the structure and the quality of water are directly connected. Summarized, this means:

Water is a carrier of information and thus has memory.

The quality of the water changes according to the information it is given. With the FOSTAC® technology, it is possible to give water an extremely high structure. A higher structure means more energy that is directly available to the user. Because of this the water displays a stronger more vital energy.

Trinkwasser unbehandelt   Trinkwasser behandelt
untreated tap water from Oberuzwil (enlarged 400 x)   revitalised tap water from Oberuzwil
with FOSTAC® energy (enlarged 400 x)




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