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We are ready to continue Hans Seelhofer's Oeuvre de vie!

Liebe Kundinnen und Kunden
Liebe Partnerinnen und liebe Partner

The passing of our company founder and our mentor, Hans Seelhofer, on January 10, 2011, represents a profound emotional and human loss for all of us. Hans Seelhofer was a visionary and a wonderful human being, who always considered serving creation with all his energy to be his greatest work and duty.
FOSTAC, the child of his spirit that he brought into the world with all his heart and soul, remained of great importance to him to the very end. We can all fondly think back to what he always said:

«FOSTAC and its products and services are a gift, because they bring light and love to the world and help people find their own individual path to the fifth dimension. Every piece of information and every FOSTAC® product brings light to the world, touching people's hearts and enlightening their consciousness. We all serve creation and FOSTAC serves humanity.»

Concerning operations in our group, our founder's health issues had unfortunately already led us to do without his personal support since autumn 2009. However, this also allowed us to grow personally ourselves and to continue to develop as a strong team. The entire team at FOSTAC Group headquarters took on additional responsibility. We reorganized, created new structures and developed overall enormously as a team during this period, so that we now have a strong foundation for moving forward as Hans Seelhofer would have done.

The expertise at the core of our business was already assured and will remain so. Information about FOSTAC® products has already been shared for several years among a carefully selected group of people, in addition to Hans. The FOSTAC team has thus already been able to introduce and implement numerous product innovations. This shows that we are well-equipped, despite our emotional loss, to look forward to a positive future.

Hans Seelhofer also saw this development of the FOSTAC Group in a positive light. Shortly before his passing, he confirmed once again that he had taught everything necessary to the FOSTAC team, and could be certain that the FOSTAC Group would continue on without him while remaining true to the FOSTAC philosophy. He knew that business would continue in full harmony with what he had always intended, and that the company would be supported by many wonderful beings of light.
We were able to observe how happy it made him to see and to know that the continuation of his life's work by the team is assured.

Our experience since autumn 2009, as well as the inner knowledge that we have Hans Seelhofer's blessing in moving forward along the right path, have formed a strongly united team, and will be guided from the spiritual world, allow us to look forward to the future full of optimism.

Hans Seelhofer always believed his important work, in this era of the rise of the fifth dimension of love, was to serve creation and to be a valuable support to our Mother Earth – for the people who live here, as well as for the many animals, plants, minerals, elements and elementary beings who make their home here. With classes, courses and very helpful FOSTAC® products, he sought to make an important and valuable contribution to the whole in this process of transforming planetary awareness. It is for this reason that he founded FOSTAC and the FOSTAC Academy many years ago. This was his life, this is what he lived for. Our desire to continue to influence change in the world also means honoring Hans Seelhofer as a human being, helping to ensure that his spiritual heritage lives on in people's hearts and that his vision of unlimited and unconditional love here on Earth becomes a reality.

We at FOSTAC Group are ready and determined with all our hearts to continue Hans Seelhofer's Oeuvre de vie as he would have done, and we invite you to support us in this endeavor with all your energy and commitment. Hans Seelhofer will certainly also be helping us from his spiritual realm, perhaps in unblocking an obstacle here or there. We therefore look forward to the future with optimism and confidence and will be glad to know you are at our sides.


With warm regards,
The FOSTAC Group team


February 2011


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