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Earth Rays

Radiesthesia and Geobiology in History

Scientific hints concerning the field of radiesthesia ["perception of radiation"] can be retraced thousands of years. Already about 15,000 years B.C., in the Cave of Lascaux (Southern France), pictorial representations were made. In 6,000 B.C., cave pictures were drawn in Tassili (in the Sahara). The oldest konwn written document was found in China in 1937, describing the legendary Chinese Emperor Yu (2205-2197 B.C.), who was renowned for his works on gems and earth rays. Emperor Yu stipulated that each building ground had to be checked and meticulously examined for "bad spirits". In India, too, since at least 1,500 B.C., the Brahmans possessed a similar knowledge regarding the field of radiesthesia [radius = Lat. "the ray"; aisthesis = Gk. "to perceive, to feel"]. In the Bible as well, certain passages refer to the seeking for water by means of a divining rod: in 1,550 B.C., for example, Flavius Josephius recounts how Moses fabricated divining rods. In 1,900 B.C., Asbeneth, who was Joseph's wife, found water in Egypt with the divining rod. Also Christ, in parables, spoke of seeking water with the rod's help, and Petrus found water with his staff.


Paracelsus (l.) and Goethe (r.) were also excellent experts of radiesthesia. In spite of much resistance, the Reformation period (from ca. 1520 A.D.) could still not cause radiesthesia - which was then misnamed as and attributed to "witchcraft" - to disappear. In many cultures, radiaesthetic means/practices have been - and remain to this very day - a commonly accepted procedure to seek out and to determine suitable places for building and living.

Water Veins, Hartmann Grid, Curry Net and Fault Lines

Most people know and designate only water veins to be earth rays. Water veins are left- or right-polarized. Unfortunately, about 70% of them run counterclockwise, which is detrimental to humans' health. As to their chemistry, there is no difference with these two "polarizations"; however, with special photographic techniques (such as cristallization pictures or darkfield microscopy), their striking differences become very vivid and visible. Furthermore, water courses running clockwise have been known for centuries as "Holy Waters" (e.g. Lourdes in France).

The Hartmann Grid (named after Dr. Ernst Hartmann) runs from north to south and from east to west; the Curry Net runs in the direction of the intermediary cardinal points. These two earth ray types are both harmful to the organism. Among other things, the Hartmann Grid causes muscle cramps. The Curry Net is considered by experts to be a "cancer and rheumatism grid".

That fault lines, too, are harmful is a fact that was already known to the Romans. Undoubtedly, the most notorious fault line is the San Andreas Fault in California. This huge rift has time and again given rise to ominous predictions.

In the Far East, an awareness and knowledge of "earth rays" has existed for thousands of years. This same knowledge has also been well-documented either in written form or pictorially, in images.

Plants and animals react to these rays - either seeking them out or avoiding them - as if mysteriously preprogrammed or predestined by Nature. Therefore, two different kinds of behaviour may be distinguished:

Radiation avoiders: Dogs, horses, sheep, goats, cows and pigs;
apple trees, pear and nut trees, beech trees; lilac; currant bushes

Radiation seekers: Cats, ants, bees; insects, in general;
cherry, plum, peach and apricot trees; spruce, fir and oak trees


Pictorial Representation

This one-dimensional plan (represented true-to-scale) illustrates just how fine-meshed the Hartmann Grid and the Curry Net actually are. The water vein and the fault line additionally impair the well-being of this home. In the parents' bedroom, the water vein flows "through" the sleeping place. Furthermore, the fault line (purple), the Curry Net (green) and one Hartmann line (grey) cross each other. Apart from a troubled sleep, many ailments - such as headaches, backaches, pain afflictions of various kinds, etc. - may occur.

Not all flats and houses are built on water veins or fault lines: nevertheless, all people are exposed to the Hartmann Grid and to the Curry Net. These two grids are evenly distributed over the whole planet, analogous to the degrees of latitude and longitude.

Harmonization of Earth Rays in the Living Quarters of Man and Animals

If the sleeping or working places are adversely affected by earth rays, these interference zones can be permanently harmonized with the use of our products.

Harmonization of the Hartmann Grid and the Curry Net with Spheres

In a living space 4 spheres and 1 hemisphere, by way of example, are placed such that the 4 spheres are laid onto the floor in square or rectangular form, with the hemisphere being fixed at their point of intersection above on the ceiling. This arrangement creates a pyramid-shaped field of tachyons, which permanently harmonizes these two grid structures.

The action of this system reaches beyond the limits of the structure (see radius)

Harmonization of Water Veins and of Fault Lines with GEO Plates

These harmful interference zones are thus neutralized, harmonized and repolarized from left-circular to right-circular. In order to achieve a faultless harmonization, an A6 plate is placed at each corner of the house; then, additionally, one plate is placed at the point of intersection of these four corners.

Service / Counselling

A complete one-family-house clearing costs between CHF 1200.- and CHF 3000.-, according to the expenditure for materials. (This is an extremely small investment, considering that it will serve during an entire lifetime.) Already more than 24,000 satisfied users throughout Switzerland and abroad feel considerably better after the harmonization. - In order to harmonize larger complexes of buildings, other materials (e.g. borosilicate rods and lilac-coloured hemispheres) will be used.




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