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Scientific Studies

In addition to the well-known traditional laboratory analyses, specially-equipped laboratories are now able to show the energy that is given off by a liquid or solid substance (independent of the quantity and type of the containing matter). Among these procedures are the so-called crystal-image analysis, as carried out by the Hagalis Institute, and the crystallization procedure that was developed by Dr. Emoto.
If these images are angular and unharmonic, it indicates that the substance under test poses a risk to health. On the other hand there are images that look very harmonic and beautiful – little works of art, such as only Nature can create!

The scientist can draw conclusions from these crystal images, about the substance under test and about its effects on living organisms.

There are now more than 20'000 studies available to show that: Electrosmog is harmful to living things!

Frequent contact with electromagnetic radiation has harmful effects upon the nervous system.

Effects due to microscopic influences can be shown up in blood images. Moreover, the various ranges of the crystal images can be tuned precisely to the parameters of individual organs, so that extremely accurate diagnosis is possible.

Blood affected by a mobile phone Normal blood

It is easy to see the difference between these two crystal images of human blood (enlarged 100 times).
The left-hand image shows the blood-image of a patient affected by the radiation from his mobile phone. It consists of strikingly linear crystals, mostly of rectangular structure. If these shapes appear in the macro-crystalline structure of the blood, it indicates that there is something lacking in the patient’s state of health.
The right-hand image shows the blood-image of a healthy person, with a harmonic crystal configuration in which there are very few rectangular structures.

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